The first main themes for EUMASS 2021 are (will be updated continuously):

  1. Work capacity evaluation & management:
    Guidelines, ebim, quality assurance, multidisciplinary approach, task transfer, teleassessments

  2. Rehabilitation & return-to-work: 
    Methords, patient perspective, quality assurance
  3. Sick leave:
    Sick-leave certification, guidelines, measurement, presenteeism, quality assurance
  4. Training in insurance medicine
  5. Interaction between health care and social care:
    Monitoring health care, quality measurements
  6. Ethics in insurance medicine
  7. Demographic and social changes:
    Aging population, people with disabilities, migration
  8. Information technology in IM:
    E-health, robotics, artificial intelligence, data mining
  9. New approaches on work and health